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Kraft Top Liner Family


K-Family (Kraft Top Liner Family)

The high-quality kraft combining with three to four plies of pulp is greatly suitable for being use as liner board.

  • High Burst
  • High stacking loads.
  • Smooth surface.
  • High water resistance.

K-Family (Kraft Top Liner Family)
T-Family (Test Liner Family)
K-Family (Kraft Top Liner Family)

T-Family (Test Liner Family)


T-Family (Test Liner  Family)

Produced by modern technology, this high-quality kraft combining with three to four plies of pulp is truly perfect for being used as linerboard.

  • High stacking load.
  • Eco friendly.
  • The consistency of product quality.


K-Family (Kraft Top Liner Family)
T-Family (Test Liner Family)
T-Family (Test Liner Family)

Corrugating Medium

The corrugating medium, made of high-quality material, enable to withstand cushion impacts pressure from heavy stacking. It can be used as any type of flute  depend on customers’ requirements.

Corrugating Medium

Coated Duplex Board

The coated duplex board is a key material for the production of inner box. Coated and calendered on one side, it provides a white and smooth surface really suitable for offset printing.






Coated Duplex Board

Core and Cone

The maximum strength and thickness of core and cone board is due to the multi-ply boards that sticked together well and tight. With efficient glue absorption, these boards are regarded as the main material for the production of industrial cores and cones such as tissue paper core, yarn cone, film core, can pad and paper core.

Core and Cone

Industrial Sack Kraft

Due to its toughness, extensibility and high tensile strength, industrial sack kraft are designed to handle a pressure from high-speed filling and undesirable impacts from transportations and usages. It perfectly matches the needs of various industries including cement, animal feed, starch, and plastic pellet packaging industries.

Industrial Sack Kraft

Sundry Bag Paper

This high-quality kraft paper used for the production of paper bags like shopping bags, paper packaging, and document envelopes.

Sundry Bag Paper

Gypsum Liner

Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. started gypsum liner production since 1992. With continuous development and commitment, SKIC becomes one of major suppliers for leading gypsum board plants in southern part of Asia.

With capacity of 200,000 MT dedicated for gypsum liner, and yet prime location in Thailand, these strengthen SKIC’s capability to serve customers even better.

Thanks to diversification of world class gypsum board plants in the region which gives SKIC opportunity to accumulate experience with different types of product requirement. This ensures SKIC ability to supply gypsum liner with understanding of slurry recipe and process parameter differences.

Gypsum Liner

Converted Products

In addition to our wide range of products to serve customer’s need, we also offer ready-to-use products to respond their specific needs and satisfaction. Among these converted products are corrugated sheet board, ream-cut paper, small width slitted roll paper, multi-wall sack, shopping bag, and laminated paper.

Corrugated Sheet Boards

More than 100 types of corrugated sheet board are offered to serve the specific needs of customers. Made of liner and corrugating medium, these boards vary in grades, weights and specifications.
Structure : 2, 3, 5 walls
Flute Size : A, B, C, E, B/C, B/A
Width : 305-2489 mm (12-98 inches)
Length : 597-5486 mm (23.5-216 inches)

Flute Type
Height (mm.)

1.1 The Single-Face structure is highly suitable for the production of beautiful packaging or product protection.
1.2 The Single-Wall structure is perfect for general packages.
1.3 The Double Wall structure is ideally suit for packaging of huge and heavy products.

Inspirations from Paper

We have developed and manufactured not just mainstream products for key industries but also innovative products for other new applications, specially designed for our customers’ maximum benefits which are:

Paper for Beautiful Prints

1.1 Paper for Bags and Document Envelopes
Such paper is suitable for the production of paper bags and document envelopes because they are tough, vulcanizable, and foldable. As it also accommodates beautiful prints, it is recommended for brands that need to enhance their images.

Types of Paper Materials Used: KT-Total®, KI-Image®, KA-ConffiiDenz®, KP, SB

1.2 Beautiful Packages for Festival Products (Moon-Cake Boxes / Chinese New Year Orange Boxes)
Made of quality and eco-friendly paper, these packages feature beautiful prints and serve as marketing tools to boost sales volume. Thus, they enable to attract customers’ attention, differentiate and add value to products.

Types of Paper Materials Used: KT-Total®, KI-Image®, KA-ConffiiDenz®, Miraboard, Coated Grey Back Duplex

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